Great Barracuda

The Great Barracuda is a big, aggressive, dangerous-looking apex predator that is capable of speeds up to 27 miles per hour. They are long, slim fish with silvery torpedo-shaped bodies, pointed heads, and mouths full of sharp, canine-like teeth. Large specimens have irregular dark blotches along their sides, while juveniles may have a tiger-striped appearance. The largest Great Barracuda reach lengths of 6 feet and can weigh over 100 pounds. Barracuda are found in tropical and subtropical waters around the world. In Key West, every wreck will hold large schools of Barracuda, and they also frequent the Flats. Young barracuda prefer the edges of Mangrove islands. Barracuda are ambush predators that feed primarily by sight. They hang in open water around reefs, wrecks, and other structure and rely on their speed to capture the smaller fish that make up their entire diet. Barracuda will eat anything, but around Key West they prefer Needle Fish, Mullet, and small Jacks.

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