Butterfly Fish

There are many species of Butterfly Fish found in coral reef environments throughout Indo-Pacific and Caribbean waters. The Banded Butterfly Fish, so named for its three bold black vertical stripes on a cream background, is common on the Florida Reef. Another easily recognizable species is the Foureye Butterfly Fish that has a large black spot meant to confuse predators on both sides of its tail and a dark bar running across its eye. The Spotfin Butterfly Fish, with a yellow-trimmed white body and black eye stripe may also be seen on Key West scuba diving trips. Butterfly Fish are small fish similar to Angelfish but more disc-shaped. Their narrow, tweezers-like snout allows them to feed on small organisms like coral polyps and the tentacles of featherduster and Christmas-tree worms. They can be seen feeding alone, in pairs, or in groups over shallow reefs and seaward reef edges.

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