A great number of species of Damselfish inhabit tropical rocky and coral reefs around the world. A few species live in fresh or brackish waters and some live in warm temperate climates. Damselfish are generally small (4-8in) but a few species can reach lengths of 14 inches. They are oval-shaped fish with large, rear-oriented dorsal and anal fins. Damselfish occur in many bright contrasting colors depending on location, species, and life stage. Some species are popular aquarium fish. Damselfish graze the reef for algae, and a few species are able to live in a commensurate relationship with sea anemones without being stung. The Sergeant Major is a very common Damselfish that lives on Key West reefs. It is a silver-white fish with yellow on its back and 5 bold black stripes on its sides. Sergeant Majors can often be seen gathering in large schools or feeding in groups along the reef.

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